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I’ve always loved action figures. As a kid, I spent many an afternoon hatching some evil plan with Darth Vader, Skeletor, and Cobra Commander, and then staging a daring rescue led by Optimus Prime, Batman, and Snake Eyes. I may have sometimes played with cars and trucks and other random toys, but action figures were always my favorites.

While the toys of my childhood are long gone, sold at a yard sale or tossed in the trash by an overzealous mother on a cleaning spree, my love of action figures remains and today I own a collection of toys that would make my 10-year old self weep with joy. This website is a photo-catalog and history of that collection.

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The History of the Collection

I’ve been collecting action figures for over 20 years, starting when I was 18 after seeing a set of Kenner’s Aliens figures. The detail of those figures was something I had never seen on a toy before and I immediately set out to buy the four “alien” characters which would become the start of my collection.

After those Aliens toys, the line that really jumpstarted my collecting habit was Spawn from McFarlane Toys (or Todd Toys, as it was known at the time). Driving from toy store to toy store to find a 1-per-case Malebolgia figure from the Series 2 set was my first real example of “hunting down” a collectible and I loved every minute of it. I actually still have a packaged Spawn Series 2 Malebolgia hanging on my wall to remind me of that wonderful experience from the early days of my hobby.

Over the years, my collection has grown and changed a number of times. Early on, those McFarlane Toys figures were my primary focus as I was attracted to the level of detail found on each figure. Later, I began to seriously collect characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, importing the large-scale JUN Planning figures from Japan to add to my growing Halloweentown display. Toys from comics, movies, television, video games and more were added to my collection and, eventually, the sprawling display took up two full rooms in the basement of my home.

In mid-2009, my family moved into a new house, one which did not offer me the same amount of space to display my toys. This move ended up being good for the collection as a whole. Over time, it had become unwieldy. Any “cool” figure was one that I wanted to add and the collection, as a whole, had lost its focus. The impending move forced me to prioritize what I would keep and continue collecting and I ended up thinning out the collection by selling close to 700 figures (yes, my display was once even larger than what I have now).

The reduction in my collection’s size allowed me to upgrade the way that the toys were displayed. As I began to set up the toys in my new home, I fulfilled a long-held desire to do away with the wooden bookcases which I had used in the past in favor of glass display cabinets, something I had never been able to afford with the much larger collection.

Today, my collection is largely a homage to my childhood and the beloved characters that I remember playing with as a kid. Action figure technology is so much better today than when I was growing up, so much of my collection is now made up of modern versions of nostalgic toy lines including Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, Transformers, and GI Joe.

Joining these modern-day pieces of nostalgia are toys from lines that have helped shape my collection over the years, including Spawn and The Nightmare Before Christmas, as well as displays from properties like Marvel Comics, The Muppets, and figures from Four Horsemen Studios.

Another interesting aspect of my collection today is that it has come full circle with my own 10-year old son dabbling in the hobby as well. While he has plenty of figures that he sets off on adventures (after all, these are child's playthings), he also has a few shelves for "his collection." These are figures that he does not allow his friends or little sister to touch and which he proudly displays, just like his father. While part of me feels badly for getting him started down this path, knowing how expensive and consuming this hobby can be, another part of me is thrilled to be able to share it with him and see his interest in a hobby that has given me so much joy over the years.

The Toys

Due to the size of the collection, it is very difficult to photograph it as a whole. Instead, I have chosen to break the photos down into the categories listed below. For each category, I have included pictures of each shelf or piece of the display for that particular group of toys. Select a category below or simply scroll down the page to see each category listed.


Transformers are one of the toy lines that I loved growing up. My Transformers collection is focused on "Masterpiece-scale" figures and, in an effort to create the original G1 cast of Autobots and Decepticons, it includes a number of custom figures, 3rd party releases, and smaller-scale Hasbro figures acting as placeholders until a more definitive version of a character is available.

GI Joe

The battle of GI Joe and Cobra was a big part of my playtime growing up. My current collection includes updated figures of the Joe team and the evil forces of Cobra from a line that was released by Hasbro a number of years ago called "Sigma 6". These stylized figures are much larger than the ones I played with as a kid and, to fill out my ranks, my display includes many custom figures that I created by combining parts from various figures and repainting those creations. 

Masters of the Universe

One of the first action figures I can remember buying as a kid was Skeletor, the main villain of the Masters of the Universe line. My current collection of MOTU figures is another example of characters I remember from my childhood updated into toys that reflect current standards and styles. My MOTU collection is largely from the set known as 200x which was released in 2002 and which featured sculpts from the Four Horsemen. My display also contains many of the "staction figure" statues that were released to fill out the characters that did not get made in the original 200x line, as well as the gigantic Granamyr dragon from the MOTU Classic line, also by the Four Horsemen.

Star Wars

Every kid my age loved Star Wars. Growing up, I had tons of the original Kenner figures and vehicles. My favorite characters were always the bounty hunters, especially Boba Fett, and my collection reflects that today. Other than some various scale figures of Boba Fett, my entire Star Wars collection today is made up of 12"-scale figures.


The Spawn line from McFarlane Toys was my first real foray into serious collecting. Hunting down rare short-packed figures and variants fueled the early years of my hobby. The detail found on McFarlane's figures made me want to open and display the toys, which greatly influenced the kind of display I have today. Over the years, I have sold most of my Spawn and McFarlane Toys, but I still have a number of select pieces. Some of my favorites are the various versions of the "Mandarin Spawn" character and my complete Where The Wild Things Are set.

Four Horsemen Studios

Reknowned for their work on toy lines from Mattel, McFarlane Toys, and more, Four Horsemen Studios began releasing their own figures in 2005 with their "Fantastic Exclusive" promotion, allowing fans to vote on all aspects of a toy's creation. That first release, the Minotaur Xetheus, was easily one of the most detailed figures I had ever seen. I have eagerly awaited every release by this studio in the years since and my collection now includes many of these releases, all of which are made in very small numbers and are very difficult to locate once they are sold out from the studio.


Marvel figures from Toy Biz where another early aspect of my collection. When the company began releasing their Marvel Legends line in 2002, I focused my Marvel display exclusivly on that scale. Many of the figures in my Marvel collection, including the huge build-a-figures, are from those Toy Biz lines. Over the past few years, I have added a handful of other characters from Hasbro's Marvel Legends releases, like the Guardians of the Galaxy set, as well as some of the larger Marvel Select figures, whose oversized scale work perfectly with my display.

Nightmare Before Christmas

For many years, The Nightmare Before Christmas, primarily the wonderful "coffin figures" from JUN Planning, were the main focus of my collection. These large-scale figures were as close to a puppet from the movie as you could get and the quality of these toys was beyond anything that had been previously been released for this movie. The variety of releases, including many variations on Jack, but also other important characters like Sally, The Mayor, Santa, and the huge Ooogie Boogie, really allowed for an amazing display. My collection today features many of these releases from JUN Planning, as well as later, smaller figures from NECA. While the NECA figures are not as large as the others, they produced an even wider variety of characters, completing almost the entire cast of Halloweentown before the line was discontinued.

The Muppets

Palisades' Toys Muppets collection is one of the most incredible toys runs I have ever seen from any company. An amazing array of both core and supporting characters, including tons of variants and special editions, made The Muppets line one of the most fun to collect and display. The addition of playsets, including the rare and huge Backstage set, make for wonderful display opportunities, and sub-sets like The Electric Mayhem or the Steppin' Out versions of characters, really gave collectors something fun to chase with this set. Of all the displays in my collection, The Muppets are the one that elicits the most delight from people who see it.

Comic Figures

While many of the comic-related figures in my collection are from Marvel, and in their own category, I do have a handful of figures from various other comic properties as well. 

Movie & TV Figures

One of the most diverse parts of my collection are the toys from Movies and Television. I have displays from blockbuster movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, along with a number of figures from holiday classics like the Peanuts specials. 

Other Figures

Here are the pieces of the collection that simply do not fit anywhere else.

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