The Mythic Legions action figure customs of Jeremy Girard



In my version of Mythoss, the angels of the realm refuse to interfere in the dealings of the lower plane. Through their inaction, these mighty warriors have allowed evil to spread across the land, so I wanted to create an angel that was not necessarily "fallen", but rather one who refused to stand back and watch as the goodly folk of the lower planes suffered. 

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  • Mythic Legions Angel custom
  • Mythic Legions Angel custom
  • Mythic Legions Angel custom


This figure started with the head from an Adamonn figure. I painted the eyes to match the rest of my angel customs. 

I wanted this character to have shed his wings, but to still be wearing pieces of his angelic armors and wielding his mighty hammer. The body is mix up parts from Attila Leossyr and Adamonn. The cape is from a Marvel Legends Odinson and the loin is from a MOTU Vikor.