The Mythic Legions action figure customs of Jeremy Girard


Jarturok the Cruel

This figure is from a series I called "Something Wicked This Way Comes". The entire series were demons, which were great fun to create since, with demons, there are no rules! You can get as crazy as you want!

You can read this character's story on my Instagram page.

  • Mythic Legions demon custom
  • Mythic Legions demon custom
  • Mythic Legions demon custom


I never cared for the armor color on the Torionn figure. I dug the fact that it harkened back to a previous 4H figure as a sort of tribute, but I still didn't like the blue armor ion what I imagined as my dark, evil minotaur. For this custom, I obviously started with the Torionn figure, but swapped the blue armor for some black pieces from the Barbarian kit (the All Stars version with the all-black armor). For his head, I removed the small horns and dremelled the openings so they would accept the larger black horns that are normally a helmet attachment. I am certainly not the first person to do this, so I don't claim this to be an original idea, but it is such a great look for this minotaur to use these big, black horns! Finally, I added some war paint to his face and painted the middle piece of his chest armor to go along with the rest of the colors on this figure.

As for accessories, his cape is from a Blood Knight and his awesome hammer is from a McFarlane Zodiac figure of Taurus.

So all in all, this custom is really just some armor swaps and some new horns (along with a little paint and accessorization), but I think the end result is a big change from the normal look for Torionn, which makes him a perfect addition to my demonic ranks!