The Mythic Legions action figure customs of Jeremy Girard


Varic the Wise

In my quest to flesh out and add some variety to the ranks of my Barbarian Clan, I decided to add a Druid to the mix. This was also an excuse for me to use those awesome antler attachments on a character that had a "nature" feel to him!

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  • Mythic Legions druid custom
  • Mythic Legions druid custom
  • Mythic Legions druid custom


This figure started with a Cador body. His head is the alternate one from the Orn Steelhide figure, with the antler attachments from the Barbarian Builder Kit added. His faulds are also from that kit and his cloth-looking loin piece is from a Silverhorn Sentry figure. His robe, which is a really key piece of this custom, is from a McFarlane Toys Halo figure. It actually comes in two parts, but I am using just the top part on my custom Druid.

Wanting my Druid to be "closer to nature", I decided to swap out his clunky, armored feet for a pair of bare feet that were a custom cast by Marcus Akin.

For the Druid's accessories, I knew I wanted a knarly looking staff. I found the perfect one with the Masters of the Universe Eldor figure. Remembering that this character is still a Barbarian, I also wanted him to have an axe. I ended up using an axe from the WWE Shamus Create a Superstar figure. That weapon has an organic look to it with a very celtic-like pattern in the sculpt. I painted some of those sculpted elements to add some detail to the weapon.