The Mythic Legions action figure customs of Jeremy Girard


Brother Kedon

In one of my D&D campaigns, I play a monk character, so it was only a matter of time before I added a cool warrior monk to my Mythic Legions collection!

This custom was actually the first one I created that body parts from toy lines other than Mythic Legions or Masters of the Universe. This experiment really opened the doors for me to begin working with other 6"-7" scale toy lines, which has allowed me to come up with some of my recent character creations. I even created a second monk character after this one - an orc that pairs well alongside his fellow brother monk!

You can read this character's story on my Instagram page.

  • Mythic Legions Monk custom
  • Mythic Legions Monk custom
  • Mythic Legions Monk custom
  • Mythic Legions Monk custom


This figure started with a Barbarian Builder Kit body so I could get the bare chest, upper arms, and upper legs. The armored lower legs were in my fodder box and are, I believe, from an Otho figure. The rest of the pieces for this custom all came from non-Mythic Legions lines. 

Much of what makes this custom work so well is the parts that it uses from the Marvel Select line. The Monk's head comes from that line, specifically from the Drax the Destroyer figure. It was repainted, along with the Barbarian parts, so that everything would match with a uniform skin tone. While the head did have to be dremeled out to fit the toros's neck post, size and sculpt-wise I think it works seemlessly with Mythic Legions! 

Marvel Select also supplied the belt, skirt, lower arms, and hands for this figure. These parts all came from the movie version Dr. Strange toy. The belt and skirt piece are simply placed between the figures torso and hips, just like the normal fauld piece is on Mythic Legions figures. I did have to head the belt a bit and it took some force to get the toros and hips to snap in place, but once they were connected, everything worked perfect!

For the lower arms of the Monk, I used an X-acto blade  to slice those lower arms off of the Dr. Strange figure. I then dremeled a small hole in the lower arm pieces to replicate the connection point found in normal Mythic Legions' lower arms. With the hole in place, I was able to snap the lower arm onto the figure and retain this articulation point. I like this option because it allowed me to give my monk bare hands, instead of the fully armored gauntlets found on all Mythic Legions 1.0 figures. I do also have some other hands that I can swap out, including a pair of closed fists, but my perfered hands to use for display are the open hands that are shown in these pictures.

The final touches of this custom are his bare feet (which were a custom cast from Marcus Akin) and his monk necklace (which is from a Star Wars Samurai-style Darth Maul from Bandai).