The Mythic Legions action figure customs of Jeremy Girard


Nicolas Idrisi

As much as I like knights, skeletons, barbarians and the other common fantasy tropes found in Mythic Legions, what I love about creating my customs is that it allows me to add unusual characters and classes to my version of Mythoss. To that end, I decided to create a pathfinder. This is my version of a Mythic Legions explorer/cartographer.

This character’s name is a combination of two famous mapmakers, which is appropriate since I imagine Nicolas being Mythoss’ foremost cartographer. I wanted to create a character that looked like a seasoned explorer, someone who is more comfortable in the wilds of Mythoss than he is in one of its population centers.  To realize that vision, I combined parts from quite a few different figures and lines, but the end result is a character that I can absolutely see climbing a mountain in order to record the results for his life’s work – the Map of Mythoss.

You can read this character's story (and find out why he is locked in battle with the trapper in the pics below) on my Instgram page.

  • Mythic Legions pathfinder custom
  • Mythic Legions pathfinder custom
  • Mythic Legions pathfinder custom
  • Mythic Legions pathfinder custom
  • Mythic Legions pathfinder custom


This figure started with the “cloth” torso piece from a Knight Builder Kit. The only other pieces of this custom that use actual ML parts are his upper arms, which came from a Silverhorn Sentry figure, and the bearded axe weapon that he wields in his left hand.

To complete my pathfinder’s body, I had to look outside of Mythic Legions. A character who spends his days trekking through the wilds and over the mountains of Mythoss would not be wearing plate armor, especially for his footwear, so I needed to find appropriate hands and feet. For this custom’s legs, I ended up using a Masters of the Universe Dekker figure. This is not the first time I have used MOTU legs in a custom, and they work really well with Mythic Legions. Those legs were removed from Dekker and the discs at the end of the hips were dremeled down so that they would pop into a typical Mythic Legions waist, retaining all intended articulation. I also used a MOTU piece for the bottom part of my mapmaker’s “shirt”.  The waist piece from a MOTU Eldor figure was painted to match the torso I had selected, giving this character a really new and unique look with the way these two pieces go together. I also liked all the instruments and trinkets that were a part of the Eldor sculpt. Those little additions work really well with this character design. The only problem with these two items is that the Eldor piece sits so low on the Mythic Legion’s waist, that a large gap was visible between the hips and torso. To fill that gap, I used a belt piece from one of the “bird” figures from Mythic Legions (it was the Osprey). That belt not only filled the gap, but it also added even more instruments and trinkets to my mapmaker’s accessories!

The lower arms and hands of this custom were taken from a WWE Sheamus Create a Superstar figure. I had to slice these lower arms off of the original figure and dremel a hole in the end so that they would pop onto the Mythic Legions body the way that a normal ML forearm does. I added a little paint to the straps on these lower arms to bring the sculpt out a bit and add some detail.

The accessories on this custom are really what add life to this character. Those accessories start with his coat. I looked for the perfect coat for quite a while, eventually landing on the “Arctic Assault Sabretooth” figure from the first X-Men movie line. This is a pretty old figure, but since Sabretooth was scaled larger than the rest of that line, his coat works really well at the Mythic Legions' scale, and I really love the fur accents it includes.  I did repaint the back of the coat to remove most of the “fake snow” that it was original detailed with. The end result was a garment that I felt was perfect for an explorer!

Rounding out his accessories are his walking stick, bedroll, and quiver with arrows, all of which came from various ToyBiz Lord of the Rings figures, and his goggles, which came from a GI Joe Sigma 6 figure.

The final piece I needed to wrap up this character was his head. Like the coat, I looked for quite a white to find the right head for this character. I eventually found this custom MOTU Fisto head on eBay. The seller had made the head have a bushier beard, which worked perfectly for  the mountain man look I was going for. I dremeled the head so that it would pop onto an ML neck post and my Mythic Legions Pathfinder custom was complete!