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  • Industry: Accounting, business consulting
  • Responsibilities: Design, overall strategy consulting
  • Launched: November 10, 2014
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Project Summary

I began working with KLR in 2009 on a redesign of the firm's main website at KahnLitwin.com. As long-time partners with Envision, this project was just the first of many that I would have the privilege to work on with KLR over the years, including a focus on continually improving their website by constantly evaluating what is working and what could be done to make the site even better. Over the years, we moved the site I designed and built in 2009 into a CMS (ExpressionEngine), made it responsive, and adjusted the design many times as the firm's needs have changed and their marketing strategy has evolved. It was this continual evolution that brought us together in early 2014 to kickoff what would be a redesign of this main website.

KLR’s marketing team came to the table with a list of improvements and changes they wanted to see based on user feedback that they had received, the metrics that they were measuring for the website, and many of their own ideas on how the site could be improved.

Envision also had a number of updates that we wanted to introduce to the site based on changes in Web technologies and best practices. Together, the list of improvements that we targeted for this project included:

  • A mobile-first implementation of the site’s responsive layout for improved multi-device support and overall performance
  • A fresh new design that used images in a strong way to complement the site’s content and reflected current trends in website design
  • A continued focus on publishing useful, quality content and making it easier for readers to find related content and articles and share any information that they find useful with others
  • The ability for the marketing team at KLR to have even more control over how they publish to the site and manage content, including the ability to create landing and campaign pages for whitepapers, videos, events, and more

I was responsible for the initial design work for this project, as well as the project-long strategy that went into creating this new website. With the initial design framework in place, I turned the project over to Envision's Senior Design, Sarah O'Donnell, who fleshed out many of the subpages designs and built the entire site with a mobile-first, responsive approach. 

Besides the front-end visual changes and the new responsive HTML/CSS site build, this latest version of the KLR site also used ExpressionEngine's Multi-Site Manager to share content between this publich site and the firm's Intranet, allowing KLR's marketing team to more easily publish content knowing that they will have messaging consistency between channels. 

You can see the new site at KahnLitwin.com.

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