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Lots of Updates!
Added on: 09.29.16

I've been so busy lately that I have neglected to update this site much, but there are lots of great things that have been happening!

I just added a number of links to some of my recent articles on's web design channel. That site is one where you can find me adding content on a monthly basis.

I have also made some updates to the portfolio on the site, adding new projects for Pro Radiance Artistry, a new redesign for the Envision Technology Advisors site, and finally a website for a personal project of my family - our new travel log called Hopeful Wanderings.

I also have a few pieces I am working on for the "articles" section of the site, so more updates are coming!

I Am Quoted in a New Book
Added on: 05.03.16

The book, "What Clients Really Want" by Chantell Glenville, which just released today, features a quote from yours truly!

What Clients Really Want book by Chantell Glenville

The author contacted me last year after reading one of the pieces I had written about client relationships to ask if they could use this quote:

"If we do not engage with our clients in a real, personal way then we are just another vendor - and vendors are easily replaceable."

You can learn more about the book or place an order (either for the paperback or a digital version) on Amazon

My HTML Videos Now Available from Safari
Added on: 01.05.16

Just over a year ago, I worked with the great people at Peachpit to create some instructional videos for HTML and CSS basics. The first two of those videos are now available from SafariBooksOnline.

Jeremy Girard's HTML videos

This subscription service is currently offering my titles, "Introduction to HTML" and "Working With HTML Elements".  Three additional videos in this series are slated to become available around February and additional content may also become available from Peachpit's website in the future.

To see sample of these videos, check out my author page on SafariBooksOnline.

I Am Now Writing For The Next Web and UXPin
Added on: 10.30.15

I am very excited to announce that I have begun to write articles for The Next Web and also contributing content to the content library for UXPin.

Both of these writing engagements are in addition to the articles I am regularly publishing at and also here on this site and with other online publications.

I Have Been Named the “Web Design Expert” for
Added on: 06.24.15

I am trilled to announce that I have recently been named the "Web Design Expert" (their language, not mine) for logo is a Top 15 comScore-ranked website that sees over 90 million global unique monthly visitors. I will be responsible for writing and managing the content that is a part of their "Web Design" segment at I am very excited for this oppportunity to continue sharing my thoughts and experiences on the subject of web design and I look forward to helping to contribute to the excellent articles that are being published by

New Portfolio Entry Added for CharterCARE
Added on: 06.10.15

I am excited to share the work I did recently with CharterCARE Health Partners - including the redesign and launch of 5 new websites in the CharterCARE family (with 4 more still to come!).

CharterCARE Health Partners family of websites

You can read more about this project and the design work I did for these sites on the individual page for this project.

I Am Featured in 2 New Smashing Books
Added on: 03.26.15

Smashing Magazine has just released 2 new eBooks and I have 2 articles in each of them!

Smashing Magazine eBooks

In "A Career on the Web: Assuming Leadership" you will find my articles "Assuming Leadership in Your Design Agency" and "Lessons Learned From Leading New Web Professionals". You can find it here.

In "A Career on the Web: On The Road to Success" you will find my articles "Career Advice for Graduating Web Design Students" and "The Habits of Successful New Web Professionals". You can find it here.

As always, I am honored to have my writings included in these volumes alongside other great pieces from some of the Web industries brightest minds.

Article Featured In New Smashing Magazine Book
Added on: 12.19.14

One of my articles is featured in a new Smashing Magazine eBook titled "Work Smart, Live Healthy".

My article in this book is "Fostering Healthy Non-Professional Relationships".

Other authors in this book include Ann Holm, Paul Boag, Alexander Charchar, and more. You can learn more about the book and purchase a copy on Smashing Magazine's website.

Lots Of New Articles For November
Added on: 11.07.14

November is turning into a busy publishing month for me! So far, I have had 5 new article published in the past week or so!

Facing Failure: Tips For Handling A Failed Web Project on Smashing Magazine

Blockbuster Secrets from the Marvel Marketing Machine on Fame Foundry

The Pitfalls of Taco Bell’s #OnlyInTheApp Social Media Stunt on Fame Foundry

The Five Most Important Things Visitors Want from Your Website on Fame Foundry

Admiring The View here on


I Am Quoted in an Article at
Added on: 05.23.14

I was happy to have recently been interviewed for an article at The piece, "Process Change Gone Wrong: Costly Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid", uses a number of my thoughts in this lengthy, comprehensive piece.

You can read it for yourself at this link.

2 Articles Included in the eBook, “Clients: Friends You Never Had”
Added on: 04.24.14

Smashing Magazine has just put out a new eBook titled "Clients: Friends You Never Had" and I have two articles in this release.

Smashing eBook - Clients: Friends You Never Had

My articles in this book are "How To Build Long-Term Client Relationships" and "Keys To Better Communication With Clients".

Other authors in this book include Andy Clarke, Paul Boag, Andy Rutledge, and more. You can learn more about the book and purchase a copy on Smashing Magazine's website.

Article Published in Latest RISBJ
Added on: 02.10.14

The latest edition of the Rhode Island Small Business Journal (Volume 3, Issue 1) includes a new article I have written.

Pick up a copy of RISBJ to check out "Better Website Sucess Through Better Website Performance" or read the article online here.

Valentines Articles
Added on: 02.04.14

Fame Foundry's magazine for February is out now and this month's articles have a "Valentines-like" theme, including 2 new pieces that I authored.

"Deal-Breakers and Dead-Ends: Six Turn-Offs That Alienate Website Visitors" looks at some of the things you should NOT do on your website (unless you want to send visitors away). You can read that article here.

"Five Seductive Pick-Up Lines That Leave Your Visitors Wanting More" looks at the homepage "billboard" area, which is typically what greets new visitors to your site, and shows some different ways you can use this area. You can ready that article here.

Interviewed by
Added on: 01.19.14

I was recently interviewed by Bill Cullifer from on the topics of mutil-device design and tips for new web professionals.

You can listen to this short interview here.

Article Included in the eBook, “Behind the Scenes of Real-Life Projects”
Added on: 01.07.14

An article I wrote, "Mistakes I've Made (And Lessons Learned Along the Way)", has been included in the recently publised eBook, "Behind the Scenes of Real-Life Projects" from Smashing Magazine.

Behind the Scenes of Real Life Projects - Smashing Magazine eBook

You can learn more about this book, and download a copy, from the Smashing Magazine shop.

I’ve Been Busy Writing
Added on: 11.04.13

"Selling Responsive Web Design To Clients" is my latest articles over at Smashing Magazine. It takes a look at when to push for an important best practice, even when the data seems to show that it is not necesary.

"Six Fundamentals of Good Typography in Website Design" at Fame Foundry is a look at what makes good web type. It is meant for business owners and other non-technical readers.

New Article Posted at Smashing
Added on: 10.18.13

My latest article for Smashing Magazine has just been published. Drawing on many of the mistakes I have made, and lessons I have learned, over my years of leading new web professionals, this article covers those "Lessons Learned From Leading New Web Professionals."

Give it a read over at Smashing Magazine.

New Portfolio Additions
Added on: 10.15.13

Websites for Sweet Nina's Nom-Noms, a company that produces handcrafted desserts in small batches, and Zombie Charge, a fully immersive zombie race experience, have been added to the portfolio section of the site.

Check out some of my latest work and read a bit more about these two very different projects!

Classes Enrolling Now!
Added on: 08.23.13

For anyone who may be interested in learning Website Design - the classes I teach at URI are enrolling now for a course that starts in 2 weeks (Sept 4). You can take just 1 course if you want, or you can take multiple over time to get a certificate. Costs are very reasonable and all the info can be found at:

The courses I teach are in the "Design for Web" curriculum. The one that starts next is "Web Design I".

Hope to see you there!

New Article Posted at Smashing
Added on: 07.26.13

A new article I have written called "Mistake I've Made (and Lessons Learned Along the Way) has just been published by Smashing Magazine.

As a contrast to the many Web design articles that focus on successes and what we can learn from those triumphs, this article looks to the other end of the spectrum to explore what failures teach us and gives some examples from my own expereince of how missteps in a project can be turned into valuable lessons. Give it a read here.

And We’re Live!
Added on: 07.22.13

Version 10 of is now live - featuring a new, fully responsive design!

You can read more about why I decided to redesign the site, what the changes are, and a bit about the versions that have come before this latest edition over at my latest article, appropriately titled, "Welcome to Version 10."

Article Included in the eBook “Creating Meaningful Websites”
Added on: 07.09.13

I am very excited and honored to announce that an article I have written has been including the new eBook from Smashing Magazine. "Creating Meaningful Websites" has just been made available to the public and it includes my article titled "A Fun Approach to Creating More Successful Websites".

Really, really cool to be included in this volume and very grateful to the fine folks at Smashing for this opportunity. You can learn more about this new eBook in Smashing Magazine's shop.

The Importance of Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Published by RISBJ
Added on: 03.05.13

An article I authored titled "The Importance of Optimizing Your Website for Mobile" has been published by the Rhode Island Small Business Journal.

Pick up a copy of RISBJ Volume Two, Issue Two to read this piece or view it online.

Building a Better Website Article Published by Smashing Magazine
Added on: 03.05.13

A new article I have written for Smashing Magazine has just been published.

"Building a Better Responsive Website" is a case study of the process we used to build the new Envision website. This articles goes into great detail about the proces we used - including our "design to the extremes" approach, our mobile-first development and CSS, and how we turned to our CMS of choice, ExpressionEngine, to see if we could use variables to further optimize our deployment for mobile devices.

Two New Articles for Students Published
Added on: 01.21.13

I've just published a pair of new articles meant for web design students. "Folding Squirrels" has been published here on my blog, while "Your Secret Weapons as a Design Student: Personality & Client Service" has been published over at A Student's Guide to Web Design.

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